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Understanding More about Bipolar Disorder

Understanding More about Bipolar Disorder

Those who suffer from bipolar disorder are prone to abnormal mood changes, as well as shifting activity and energy levels. This is also sometimes called Manic Depressive Disorder. Needless to say, this shifting behavior can make it difficult to perform what others would call routine daily tasks.

There are four primary symptoms/characteristics to help one determine if they suffer from bipolar disorder. The each revolve around the frequency and severity of fluctuations in energy and mood.

Many of those who suffer from bipolar disorder report that it can be difficult to even get out of bed in the morning. However, these low periods can be followed by manic episodes where energy levels are pinned and it’s nearly impossible to get rest and/or think rationally.

Manic phases can cause a feeling of euphoria, coupled with abnormal energy that leads to even reckless behavior. It’s often closely followed by deep depression, leaving one side and feeling hopeless during what can be lengthy episodes of little activity.

Mood Variations

Frequent mood changes of those who have bipolar disorder are known as “cycling” by most professionals and patients. The pattern of cycling is never the same from person to person, nor is it even consistent within one individual.

And between the extremes, patients can experience perfectly healthy feelings behavior much like anyone else when experience. However, the patient must remain vigilant for the onset of either mania or depression.

What's wrong with meAs noted above, these mood changes can often be abrupt and unpredictable. Rapid cyclers report that there “episodes” move back and forth multiple times in a single day, or for some, only after years. In rare cases, depressive and manic episodes can occur for the same person simultaneously, often creating great confusion and danger.

For some, seasonal changes can function as a trigger for the onset of an episode. The key is to always be self-aware when changes began to occur. Past episodes can and do leave clues about what to expect in the future.

Many sufferers find relief through therapy and/or medication. And while it’s not common, there are patients who find the perfect regimen to minimize, or even stop, mood cycling. It’s important to learn to rely on family and friends in spotting behavioral shifts.

Sometimes, they are able to see the warning signs when you cannot. Tell your friends and acquaintances about your disorder ahead of time. It’s important that they understand what you may be facing, in case your behavior becomes erratic while they are present.

Most Effective Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

In most cases, a combination of counseling, psychiatric care and medication provide the most effective treatment for bipolar disorder. In fact, most patients use more than one medication to create mood stabilization.

Popular drug treatment includes antidepressants, mood stabilizers, antipsychotics and benzodiazepines. This may sound like a lot to take, but it can be a blessing compared to behavior that is destructive and out-of-control.

No one wants to face a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, because like most mental health conditions, it leaves one feeling less than in control of their life. But it’s important to understand that plenty of treatment help is available, and many drugs are effective for controlling the symptoms.


The Salad Days Of Mommy Blogging Are Here

Becoming a stay-at-home parent needs dedication, as it is a full-time job. Sadly, becoming a stay-at-home is an occupation that does not come with a paying salary. As a result, some families find it difficult to rely on a single income to make ends meet or build savings.

Nevertheless, there are various ways for stay-at-home dads and moms to make a bit of additional cash to increase their family’s budget. Best of all, it is all done without even stepping out of the house or sacrificing precious moments with their kids.

In fact, here are five money-making ideas that stay-at-home dads and moms can pursue. All done while your children are at school studying, asleep, or even while they are up and alert, demanding your attention. Important to note, however, in the beginning, the earnings from these suggestions are modest, and not all opportunities will be right for you. However, over the course of a year, you could earn hundreds, perhaps even thousands of dollars.

  1. Accept Virtual Errands.

If you have a reliable computer, with a stable Internet connection, have a knack scouring the Net, impeccable communication skills, then you can try becoming a virtual personal assistant. There are plenty of firms who look to hires virtual assistants. Firms, like Fancy Hands, aims to help its users undertake tasks by providing virtual assistant to their clients to perform duties such as making and taking calls to and from service providers, schedule appointments, and locating the best prices for services and products. Virtual assistants get paid per task, usually ranging between $3 and $7.

  1. Teach Students Online.

Is your specialty is in line with teaching? Can you devote a couple of hours a week while the kids are taking a nap? Then why not teach struggling students online. You can always find students who are looking to raise their grades. You can check sites, such as, to gauge hourly rates in your area. Alternatively, you can join in with an online tutoring firm, such as As an online teacher, you need to be available to teach for at least five hours a week. Moreover, you should have a college degree to teach certain subjects for

  1. Be a Mom (or Dad) Blogger.

If you are not using your free time on important things like changing diapers, doing the laundry, or shuttling kids around, then consider starting a blog. Blogs nowadays are now considered a viable source of income. Moreover, just because you are a parent, it does not automatically mean all you write is about parenting issues. There is an overabundance of parenting blogs nowadays. If you choose to start a blog, please consider focusing on another topic which you are passionate. The more entertaining, informative, and unique you are, the more likely you will gain followers. The bigger your community of online fans is, the greater the chance for you making money.

(Learn how stay-at-home moms earn money online thru blogging)

  1. Get Freelance Editorial Work.

So maybe you are the type who do not want the commitment of a blog but still likes to write or express your creativity through words. You are in luck, because plenty of media Web sites, both corporate and non-profit, are looking for freelance writers to create, edit, or produce content. Some pay by the word, some by the hour and some pay per project. You can register for free with and submit a writing sample. Once done, you will earn a rating based on the quality of your content. Then, you can pick projects you want, based on your quality rating. You can earn 0.7 cents to 5 cents per word, or even more. Additionally, provides a broad list of freelance writing or Michigan website design opportunities gathered from several top sites.

  1. Profit from Your Photos.

Are you skilled with a camera? If you are, you can turn your photos into cash. Accomplish it by selling your photos to stock image websites, such as If your submitted photos are accepted, Shutterstock adds them to their portfolio. If their subscribers download your photos, you can earn anywhere between 25 cents to $120 per image download. There are other websites which accept photos from contributors. It includes DepositPhotos, Dreamstime, iStock, and Sqeeqee.

All mentioned above are viable money-earning options. Having a prominent online presence helps promote your skills, and improving your chances at achieving better results. To better ensure your success, you can rely on the assistance coming from professionals capable of providing you and your online business an edge among the rest.

Let’s Nuke the Chickens | UEBS Gameplay (Madness)

There’s a lot of depressing news in this world.  North Korea seems ready to blow, Syria is a MESS… let’s face it, we need reasons to smile more. So here is a video that cracks me up!

Jacksepticeye from YT has been having a play with Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, which allows you to apparently cast just about any two enemies imaginable against each other. Cast against the backdrop of news I mentioned above, it doesn’t sound too funny.  At least, not until you match 50,000 CHICKENS VS. a NUCLEAR BOMB.

Then it gets pretty hilarious fast: